Steps for Tourmanet Directors

Email with any questions or concerns!

1. Read Home Page & FAQs

These will help you get acquainted with the platform and the features you can use!

2. Fill Out Reservation Form

This form gets you on our schedule and gets your rooms reserved.

3. Fill Out Set-Up Form

One week prior to your event please fill out a set-up form that will ask you for your final room count, extemp questions, and a few other key customization questions.


As soon as possible!

The sooner you reserve your dates, the more likely your event is to be a success with enough planning and foresight. 

In order to make it as simple as possible for schools during a difficult time, TFA will handle all billing on each tourmanet’s behalf. Classrooms.Cloud will bill TFA which in turn will bill each school.

TFA members can take advantage of TFA bulk pricing. 

One-day tournaments are $25/room. 

Multi-day tournaments (2-4) are $45/room.

Each region also gets a certain number of rooms allocated for $40/room.

Any! You can use Joy of Tournaments, Speechwire, or Tabroom to tab your tourmanet. 

Classrooms.Cloud uses Zoom for all of its rooms in order to ensure you have the highest quality of video and audio connection.

Yes! You can optionally turn-on automatic cloud recording in every room to have a recording. All recordings that are not saved by tourmanet directors are automatically deleted after 7 days.

You are billed based off the minimum room count you provide us 48 hours before your event starts. You are then billed for any extra rooms you add after that, but you cannot reduce your room count at that point.

We have automatic extemp draw built into system.

You have three options for speech: 

  1. Live speech events – Room Costs Only
  2. Youtube Uploading System for Students with Integrated Judging Display (right inside the room) — Room Costs Only
  3. Controlled Recording System with Integrated Judging Display (right inside the room) — $500 NSDA Fee and $2/entry for API costs

The default cap on all rooms is 300 users, though we can raise that to any number you need!